back to article Barracuda snags email security biz ahead of private equity plunge

Backup and security biz Barracuda made the largest profit it has seen in more than three and a half years in its third fiscal 2018 quarter, its last as a public company. Revenues were $94.7m, up 7 per cent year-on-year and $400,000 on a quarterly basis. Net income was $7.8m, compared to the previous quarter's $1.6m. …

  1. Sureo

    How is it a company that nets $7.8m in a good year is worth 1.6 billion? That's 0.5 percent. Better to put their money in a bank account.

    1. Simon Beckett

      If I read it correctly that's 7.8m quarterly not annual. And for acquisitions like this it's often about more than net income, particularly for a growing company.

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