back to article Micron, Intel consciously uncouple 3D NAND development

Micron and Intel have blown their joint 3D NAND project apart but will continue to develop 3D XPoint memory together. Each company will now optimise their 3D NAND technology and products for their individual business needs. However, the two expect no change in their respective future nodes (cell sizes). Scott DeBoer, Micron's …

  1. MrReal

    Is this memory at all buyable for laptops etc yet?

    1. Beech Horn


      For laptops you'll be looking at the Optane m.2 which isn't out yet:

      For desktops we've had it for a long time (would ignore the m.2 16/32GB drives as that's just a hybrid speed up) things like the 900P, 905P, etc without even touching the enterprise line-up.

      As for Optane in DIMM slots, its meant to arrive later this year/early next year for servers.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who is this chick in the article photo?

    (Reg frontpage only)

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