back to article LEDE and OpenWRT kiss and make up

The OpenWRT and LEDE open router projects have merged and promised a major release in the coming months. OpenWRT was, for years, the only serious open source codebase for router firmware, allowing users to overwrite vendor firmware, either for security reasons or to conduct their own low-level development. LEDE was created in …

  1. joed

    Cool. Now let's hope the hardware compatibility chart is better managed/clearer. Luckily for me, instructions for de-bricking were easy to find (and worked at 2nd attempt) but I'd gladly flash my wrt1900ac again as the linksys firmware is simply pathetic (both options a stability).

  2. jake Silver badge

    Thanks, folks.

    I'm all for competition, but it's much better to (re)merge the talent in this case. I look forward to using your code for many years to come.

    This round's on me.

    1. Maventi

      Re: Thanks, folks.

      And one from me too. Keep up the good work folks!

  3. Degenerate Scumbag

    It wasn't much of a fork anyway, more of a rebellion over project management. The LEDE gang were all the major active developers and OpenWRT withered and died for the last 18 months. Think Xorg or Libreoffice.

    All that's happened now is that the OpenWRT project owners have admitted defeat, handed over the cherished brand and allowed the project to be managed in the more open way that the LEDE guys wanted.

  4. Norman Nescio


    I'm really glad the LEDE and OpenWrt projects have found a way to continue together. This FOSS O/S for small (and embedded) devices, as well as offering great functionality, is actually updated and gets security patches. More power to the developers collective elbows!

    I've been a long-time user of OpenWrt and moved to LEDE after the schism, and the base software plus the LUCI web-interface work very nicely on my small flock of WiFi routers. I just wish the SoC and small device manufacturers could be a bit more helpful to the developers.

  5. Woodnag

    Yet another note of praise to the OpenWRT and LEDE teams.

    Not easy to come to a working agreement, well done, and hope you can work through the initial frictions.

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