back to article Tsinghua Unigroup: We don't need Hynix chip tech, we have our own

Tsinghua Unigroup has denied it is licensing flash IP from SK Hynix as was reported in December, but is developing its own 3D NAND tech. The Yonhap News Agency and Korea Herald said the Chinese outfit's Tsinghua Unisplendour division was looking at using SK Hynix IP to progress beyond the 64GB, 32-layer 3D NAND chip technology …

  1. Rajiv_Chaudri

    Tsinghua Unigroup: "We don't need Hynix chip tech, we already stole their designs and other people's IP."

    China will eat the world in the next decade, and there is little any of you can do about it.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      I predict the West will be done in by SJW sillyness and low-IQ, low-productivity immigration within 20 years, basically resembling Upper Volta, not with nukes, but with unmaintained decaying windmills...

      ..and THEN China will eat the world.

  2. Hans 1
    Thumb Up

    Some forecasters expect enterprise 3D NAND demand to be high enough to soak up the supply and avoid a glut and associated price crash. ®

    I hope not, if the oversupply is soo great that they can offer 2Tb variants for poor punters like me at a reasonable price, I'll have one or two!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I'd rather have 1Tb of reliable 1 or 2 level cell flash, than 2Tb of 3 or 4 level cell flash. Maybe one supplier should hedge their bets and keep producing the former? I think a market regulator should insist that all flash memory devices are labelled to indicate which flash technology they use. Higher level cell NAND is inferior quality and is an opportunity to increase the profit margin by charging the same price per Gb to consumers.

      1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

        Most common causes of flash failure

        1) Lend it to someone who leaves it at the print shop.

        2) Lend it to someone who drops it somewhere.

        3) Lend it to someone who forgets they borrowed it.

        4) Lend it to someone who puts it in the washing machine.

        5) Someone complains the freebie flash from a sales rep stopped working after a week.

        6) Someone complains flash bought at a market stall stops working after a week.

        7) Someone complains flash found in the car park did something strange to their computer.

        8) Someone complains flash bought at the supermarket (or any place that does not specialise in computing kit) stopped working after a week.

        9) You bought it from a distributor within a month of them going bankrupt or being bought for a pittance and it did not work for the previous customer either.

        More levels per cell requires increased over specification, but still works out cheaper for the customer.

  3. eldakka

    "The production capacity expansion of major NAND Flash manufacturers, e.g. Toshiba, Samsung, Intel, and Yangtze Memory Technologies Corporation (YMTC), will have increasing impacts on the industry, resulting in a possible oversupply in NAND Flash market in 2019."

    For example:...

    Without including the current fab capacities and the new fab capacities or giving % increase in global output of the new/upgraded fabs, this information is useless.

    Are there currently 1000 fabs, therefore the half-dozen or so new/upgraded fabs listed here would only increase supply by 10%? Or will these new facilities increase supply by 500%?

    1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

      1000 fabs ... making other things

      Wakipedia knows about 449 fabs. 26 are marked as manufacturing flash or NAND (224 do not say what they build). Two are marked as making 3D NAND. Even assuming only 32 layers, either of those two are likely producing more bits per month than the other 24 combined. It would be nice to sum (wafers/month)*(diameter^2)/(scale^2), but Wakipedia does not populate enough fields in the table to make that easy. 6ish more/enbiggened modern 3D NAND fabs will increase capacity by nearer 500% than 10%.

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