back to article TPG joins the NBN speed-fail refund club

TPG has joined Telstra and Optus in agreeing to refund customers who couldn't get the National Broadband Network speeds they expected. The company, whose brands include TPG, iiNet and Internode, reached agreement with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) yesterday. TPG's transgression was the same as the …

  1. Phil Kingston

    "TPG's undertaking also includes a commitment not to advertise speeds it can't achieve."

    How very good of them.

  2. Winkypop Silver badge

    25 Mbps

    This seems to be the only really achievable plan.

    The other plans seem to be pure marketing fantasy.

    Still, 25 Mbps is 7 times what I get now.

    1. Phil Kingston

      Re: 25 Mbps

      So ADSL speeds then? For the taxpayer's sake I hope we don't end up with a network where the consumer expectation is that it's slower than the "old" way of doing it.

  3. Diogenes

    I am on the tpg 100 plan fttn. I get exactly what i am expecting based on Mr Macs map ... around 86. Happy to pay for the 14 i am not getting to get the 36 above the 50 and the faster upload ( just uploaded a full failing work related 1tb drive into my google work drive)

    1. mathew42

      The variability of the copper is a good argument for the removal of speed tiers on FTTN, and to simply charge everyone the 12Mbps wholesale speed.

      The arguments in parliament about why FTTN average speed of 68Mbps is significantly higher than FTTP with speed tiers would make for some very interesting watching.

      1. Jasonk

        Funny thats the average when 2/3 Can't get faster than 75mps lol

      2. Jasonk

        Fully the average is 68Mbps must be going off the same bad infomation making ISP supply services nbn cant deliver.

        Considering there own nitrate claim the 2/3 Can't even get more than 75Mbps. Blow up you silly claim lol

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    TPG's ethics in general

    TPG has a number of ethical problems I think. I recently inquired about their FTTB "on-net" product (where they have their own fiber and MDF in a building separate to the NBN). When I asked if the product had the same port blocking facility as iiNet NBN the salesperson aggressively asserted they did without hesitation. Subsequent research determined TPG does NOT offer that service at all. Ironically of course iiNet is owned by TPG.

  5. No-One@No-Where

    Or perhaps the fuckers could actually build an NBN that delivers

  6. Griffo

    This only addresses line rates

    This is a first step, but the ACCC needs to encode stricter performance targets to prevent crazy over subscription of the CVC.

    My mother who can achieve a 32mbit line rate but can't get more than 6mbit down except at 3am in the morning doesn't receive a cent in compo under this plan.

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