back to article BlackBerry grabs trolley for spot of tech shopping

BlackBerry's stock rose to a 2017 high despite widening losses and lower revenues than a year ago. This indicates that against a backdrop of pain from shedding those lovely handset sales, the market is betting the sickly Canadian business has turned a corner. The books for Q3 of fiscal '18 ended 30 November showed turnover of …

  1. Semtex451

    IIRC it was India and their portfolio of patents that kept the wolves from the door. I have a severe mince pie & port deficiency to address, so I may be remembering that wrongly.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Hub deficiency

      Well, BlackBerry do at least continue to supply me with the Hub on Android (though on a Sony handset) and I hope they continue to do so because (a) I'm used to it and (b) I find it much better than Inbox, the Gmail client or the manufacturer's built in mail client. And I pay for it, though my $10 a year don't go very far.

      They are doing some things right, now on a small scale, and it would be a pity if they disappeared.

  2. silks


    Who / what are Blackberry these days?

    Huge shame - loved Blackberry in the early days when instant email over GPRS was a new exciting thing, but times have very much moved on.

    It's like IBM on the desktop many years ago where the dominant player loses their way - these things come in cycles and one day maybe even Apple will succumb to these past trends one day of once mighty giants losing the ability to innovate and rely on past glories.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Bye, bye, BBRY

    2018 is the year we'll get rid of BES 12.x, Leaps, Classic, DTEK50 and go Intune MDM with Samsung Knox mobes. Can't come soon enough!

  4. Hans 1

    I think the minute they announced they would not be providing updates for their Android phones was when even I chilled.

    They were incredibly quick to provide Android updates, faster, sometimes, than Google! <--- needs to be applauded. Then, a few months later, they say some third party refuses to update some driver ...

    I have said this time and time again:

    As long as we, as an industry, accept BS like that, we will make headlines world-wide for data breaches. I know there are a lot of IE6 fanboys on here who loved their 15 year love-in with that security black hole, or guys who claim that "every morning at 6AM some Ninja comes into their data center with an M16 forcing them to power-on that other obsolete piece of kit", and/or who have "corporate fallacies" to trade just with one purveyor, usually the one with the worst "possible [?]" security track record, who store their crown jewels on the cloud, and, because the software they have in-house is obsolete, have to run obsolete protocols on that cloud ... There really is only one very simple solution to all these problems.... believe it or not!

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