back to article Xen Project says new version 4.10 has found balance between security and novelty

The Xen Project has released version 4.10 of its hypervisor. Maintainer boss Julien Grail wrote that "As in Xen 4.9, we took a security-first approach for Xen 4.10 and spent a lot of energy to improve code quality and harden security." "This inevitably slowed down the acceptance of new features somewhat and also delayed the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Falling further and further behind KVM...

    Ever since Xen gave Linux the middle finger, KVM has become the defacto Linux hypervisor. The decision is starting to bite Xen - as most people here would have predicted.

    All of these new features are just catch-up with KVM . Well apart from the catching up bit. Also it's good to see the un-measurable magic security dust being brought out. I'm sure that no other hypervisor does any form of security at all.

    1. hack3rcon

      Re: Falling further and further behind KVM...

      OK, KVM is good, but it doesn't mean Xen is bad. Xen is technology and many companies using it. I don't know why your post against Xen and as you see many Xen Masters never reply you because you seems an angry person from KVM or a normal user that don't know how to configure Xen and use it. Xen is a technology and inform users about its security issues, but how about KVM? It never tells others anything about its security issues.


  2. Wolfclaw

    NSA code, no thanks !

    1. hack3rcon

      NSA Code?

      OK, I have a question for you. You never use it because NSA contribute to it, but can you tell me about SELinux? Did you disable it? :)

      If you enabled it, then I must tell you that you must disable it because it is not NSA code, It is NSA and if you disabled it then you are not a good Linux administrator.

      Have Fun.

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