back to article Hell's bells! Lights out at Diablo Technologies as plug pulled on website

NVDIMMer Diablo Technologies has suspended day-to-day operations, according to its lawyer. Speaking in the Northern District Court in California at a December 1 hearing* – in which Netlist claims Diablo, SanDisk and Smart Storage infringed its patents – Diablo's counsel, Fabio Marino, informed the other parties that Diablo had …

  1. Steve Aubrey

    Thanks for the memories

    I started reading the story thinking that it would be about printers, and I wondered how they had been around so long.

  2. ecofeco Silver badge



  3. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    It is an *ex* NVDIMMer maker

    Bereft of life it is no more.

    It has gone to join the choir celestial.

    Etc, etc.

  4. MrKrotos

    "eaten up $95.8m in funding"

    Not on website though, its a Wordpress site lol

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