back to article Behold, ye unworthy, the brave new NB-IoT logo

Progress on deploying the NB-IoT connectivity tech may have stalled but the GSM Association doesn’t want you worrying your little head about that. Instead, take a look at the shiny new logo they’ve come up with for NB-IoT! The new, distractingly asymmetrical logo, will, according to the GSMA’s own blurb, give firms flogging NB …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's missing an O.

    1. MartinBZM


      Wait, wait, wait.

      What is (an) ONBIoT ? A turned-on ID10T ?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Whut?

        It's times like these that a timely reminder is due to tell me there is always someone more sarcastic than oneself.

      2. Solarflare

        Re: Whut?

        I believe 'On Blot' is the term for when you are drinking and on the way to becoming 'Blotto'

    2. VinceH

      It's missing an O.

      Just move the N and B so that they're either side of the globe.

      There are other improvements that can be made as well: Make the primary colour red, and instead of the globe containing some kind of representation of a network, make it a single red diagonal line extending from the top left of the circle all the way to the bottom right.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I kinda hate to say this, but…

    The printed circuit board/network connections crossover, in a globe, because globe is always good, and stacked parens because wireless… they could have done much worse.

    Let's wait how it looks once they have a 2.0 standard, and a 2.1 standard, and a superspeed mode, and a supereco mode and want to tack all that into the logo.

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: I kinda hate to say this, but…

      Shouldn't a radioactive green football be FIFA's logo?

  3. Hollerithevo Silver badge

    Globe -- so distinctive

    Ain't it grand nobody's thought of that before. MYGO.

  4. ThatOne Silver badge

    4. Profit

    > “The introduction of an official NB-IoT logo represents a major milestone on the journey to establish NB-IoT"

    Of course, the hardest part is done. the rest is just waiting for the money to pour in...

  5. tony2heads

    Now that know the logo

    I can avoid it it like 'biohazard', 'radioactive', 'corrosive' and 'explosive' signs. They really should put the yellow triangle around it -like in the icon

  6. handleoclast

    Narrowband isn't catchy enough.

    We need something more in tune with today's buzzword-obsessed manglement.

    How about "intense data"? Yeah, that works. Intense Data Internet of Things. It's catchy.

  7. Martin Gregorie Silver badge

    That logo...

    Looks more like a bad drawing of a tractor that's lost its front wheels than anything else.

    1. Ben Trabetere

      Re: That logo...

      I see the busted tractor, but my first impression was more phallic. This logo will not look good on a business card....

  8. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    What fresh hell is this?

    I wasn't even aware this technology existed before now. So I guess the logo has done its job. Well except for the fact that I regard it not so much as marketing, but more as a warning.

    I have a pretty low opinion of IoT. Particularly of its many vendors' pisspoor attitude to security - and even more shoddy attitude to ongoing support - and simply remotely disabling hardware they've sold in the past. I've noted Google shitting on their customers, because apparently they're too cheap to keep a couple of servers going to support a few 18-month old devices.

    But no. There's always a way to make things worse! It's all on spectrum licenced to them, so the mobile phone companies will have to approve all the kit as well. And they're famous for their customer service, software competence and ability to make the right consumer technology choices. Oh yes!

    What joy!

    A new front door lock made by the lowest bidder in China, "supported" by Google and with technology and UI crafted by Vodafone.

    Sign me up! I'll take 12!

    The logo should be a man, running away as fast as his little legs will carry him...

  9. Captain DaFt

    "the NB part (it stands for Narrowband"

    Are you sure it's not for "Now Broken"?

  10. JWLong

    LipStick on a Pig

    Enough said!

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