back to article Top supercomputing biz boss cuffed amid allegations of fraud

The CEO of Pezy Computing, known for developing one of the world's fastest supercomputers, has been arrested on suspicion of fraud. Motoaki Saito was collared in Tokyo on Tuesday along with the company's project development manager Daisuke Suzuki by a special investigative unit in Japan digging into a Japanese government …

  1. rhfishIII

    This does not pass the political smell test.

    Dr. Saito is one of Japan's few truly creative high tech individuals in a society that prizes conformity.

    His teeny tiny company competes with and often bests giants HPE and Fujitsu in a nationally strategic area.

    Publicly charging fraud in Japanese society is tantamount to a business death sentence regardless of the outcome. The politicos better have a damn good reason.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Yep, and knowing how other public projects (those involving lots of concrete pouring) are allocated and run in Japan (hint: not better than in Italy), "overcharging" is a weird charge indeed.

  2. Sureo

    "It uses 1.35MW in power."

    Does it use another 1.35 MW for cooling? Or do they use it to warm Tokyo in winter?

  3. Saigua

    Ganbare, Jezy.

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