back to article Google pushed update that broke managed Chromebooks' Wi-Fi

A Google slip-up left educators scratching their heads after schools' Chromebooks developed mass wireless network SSID amnesia. The issue came to light in four rather cross Reddit threads (here, here, here and here). What happened was an apparent update slip-up resulting in devices forgetting Wi-Fi settings managed through …

  1. Warm Braw

    How will the kids learn?

    Learning about the fallibility of technology would seem to be a valuable lesson in itself.

    1. sabroni Silver badge

      Re: How will the kids learn?

      Learning not to rely on Google would be the obvious lesson...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: How will the kids learn?

        "Learning not to rely on Google would be the obvious lesson..."

        Trendy teachers seem to think that using a device (whether google, MS or apple) somehow magically transforms learning ability in kids. Its bollocks of course , what actually happens is the kids end up just pissing about on them while looking like they're working (good skills for office life of course). There is something to be said for making them listen to what the teacher is saying and look at a white/black board then make them actually write something, because writing tends to drill the facts into the brain a lot more than typing or clicking buttons. Obviously if the actual class is programming or general IT then a computer is essential, but for other subjects the computer is often a 2nd rate learning medium.

        But its all swings and roundabouts in education, I expect that'll come back soon, though a lot of kids will have had a 2nd rate education in the meantime due to IT companies pushing their wares into classrooms and teachers thinking they're being cutting edge by using them.

  2. RyokuMas
    Paris Hilton


    No connectivity? How will Google ever snoop on the kids and feed them their Google-approved content now?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Attention Admins

    In an effort to increase your network security, we have decided to force you to re-enter your wireless network names and credentials. We sincerely hope you will use this opportunity to strengthen credentials or reissue certificates, and not be tempted to set your wifi passwords to "Password" or "ForkedByGoogle" simply because manually resetting thousands of devices is a pain.

    This public service announce has been brought to you by:


  4. ecofeco Silver badge

    The wi fi ate my homework?

    Love it!

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