back to article The sun rose, you woke up, and Qualcomm sued Apple three times

The dispute between Apple and Qualcomm has deepened, with the latter company firing off three new lawsuits claiming infringement of its patents. Qualcomm provided the three filings [1,2,3, all PDFs] to The Register and said they pertain to “a total of 16 additional patents that Apple is currently using in its iPhones.” “Five …

  1. MacroRodent

    "Card metaphor for activities in a computing device"

    Sounds like Hypercard. On Apple Macs in the eighties...

    1. Naselus

      Re: "Card metaphor for activities in a computing device"

      So you mean it was originally stolen from Xerox?

    2. Steve Todd

      Re: "Card metaphor for activities in a computing device"

      Or the Apple Newton from the late 90’s, ten years before the patent.

  2. Voland's right hand Silver badge

    Mutually assured destruction

    Ladies and Gentlemen you are observing mutually assured destruction in action.

    The BelAz full of popcorn in parked in front of the theater, please serve yourself, you will need it.

    On a more serious note - the reason nobody has taken on Qualcomm so far is its ridiculously deep and broad patent war chest. It is a fight which Apple will have some difficulty winning. In fact, I suspect it will not win it.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Mutually assured destruction

      Neither will "Win", they'll be a lot of chest beating in public, then they'll be a "reached an amicable" agreement on cross licensing.

      It happens all the time.

      1. GreggS

        Re: Mutually assured destruction

        Except one of the arguments is that Apple are refusing to pay for their existing licences (and asking all and sundry not to as well), so what's to stop them paying any agreed fee?

    2. Wade Burchette

      Re: Mutually assured destruction

      The only winner will be the lawyers.

  3. JaitcH

    Apple - The Long-Time IP Thief

    The bug-eaten Apple logo as well as the name Apple were purloined way back in the day.

    For those who remember the days of Wireless World, and it's competing electronics magazines, there used to to be three third of a page, full page-width advertisements advertising computers - all called Apple - manufactured by three companies.

    Two folded, Apple nearly did, but post survival it pinched the buggy apple logo.

    Apple was partially financed by 'Blueboxes', tone generating devices that simulated inter-exchange (inter-switch) MF, which they sold to gather funds. Steve Wozniak has admitted this.

    So all Apple is doing is what it has often done in the past - plagiarizing others IP.

  4. imaginarynumber

    But Apple invented the smartphone...

    Qualcomm r bias.

    Apple invented the touchscreen smartphone, hell, they even told the courts that when they first sued Samesung for stealing their revolutionary rectangle with rounded corners.

    "Apple revolutionized the telecommunications industry in 2007 when it introduced

    the wildly popular iPhone... Before the iPhone, cell phones were utilitarian devices with key pads for dialing and small, passive display screens that did not allow for touch control. The iPhone was radically different."

    Page 2 line 8

    And NO I don't want anyone to tell me that the firm that repeatedly tells us that pay every cent of tax owed and only set up shop in Jersey because they love the potatoes would tell porkies.

  5. Chronos


    I thought LG owned WebOS now? Perhaps, given that it's a patent dispute, we're not supposed to understand it?

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