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back to article We survived today's Amazon news avalanche to bring you this: Yes, a managed Kubernetes service will be a thing

On Wednesday in Las Vegas, USA, at Amazon Web Services' sixth annual re:Invent dog-and-pony show, CEO Andy Jassy fulfilled industry expectations and introduced a managed Kubernetes service – Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). If you blinked, you might have missed it. Presiding over an epic product dump, Jassy couldn't linger on …

  1. Adam 52 Silver badge

    For those who still cling onto the belief this is a good example of why AWS et al. are not just "somebody else's computer."

  2. Bryan Hall

    Cloud lock-in

    Get out of that Oracle lock-in, use our Amazon Aurora, AWS' cloud-based MySQL/PostgreSQL-compatible relational database and lock-in with us instead...

    So how is that better?

    1. Steve_Jobs1974

      Re: Cloud lock-in

      Price for one thing, choice for another.

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