back to article Microsoft postpones VMware-on-Azure details release by two weeks

Microsoft's delayed its big reveal of how it plans to run VMware on Azure by a fortnight, and won't say why. Redmond announced plans for a bare metal VMware service last week and later told The Register it plans to run vSphere, NSX, and VSAN in its cloud. Microsoft also told us that “Details of the licensing and transaction …

  1. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    Here is the whether forecast...

    It will be cloudy with patches.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Unbreakable Microsoft VMware ©

    "Sources close to Microsoft told The Register the announcement of the service was brought forward to rain on Amazon Web Services"

    Do mean Microsoft pre-announced virtual vaporware to deflect attention from the Amazon Web Services event.

    "We imagine VMware's .. probably drafted a sternly-worded letter or three that could well have given Microsoft fine reasons to delay any further details."

    You were right the first time, the rest is pure speculation. The big question is does Microsoft expect Vmware to provide free technical support for VMware-on-Azure. Or do MS or this unknown partner expect to pull an Oracle, as in buy a single license, strip off Vmware copyright notices and sell it on as Unbreakable Microsoft VMware?

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