back to article Barracuda gobbled up by private equity sharks

Private equity biz Thoma Bravo is buying slow-growth Barracuda Networks for $1.6bn in cash. Barracuda is a $400m-run-rate business based in Campbell, California, USA, that sells data protection and security products. It has been making a move to flogging subscriptions as its customers move away from appliances, preferring to …

  1. Ugotta B. Kiddingme

    "probably the best scenario for shareholders"

    rarely equals "best scenario for employees and/or customers"...

    For everyone's sake, I hope this transaction disproves the maxim.

  2. Dwarf

    Eaten big a bigger fish.

  3. K

    As a former customer, I can say, they have OK support, but shite bottom of the barrel products, with very mediocre features.. best thing I ever did was jumping. In honesty, I think the private equity firm was the one that got done here...

  4. Carpe Pesce

    What about the Support

    I really like the customer support provided by Barracuda. What is my concern is the support will be moved offshore, as a cost cutting measure.

    Please keep the support at its current high standard.

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