back to article Business as usual, says Aruba veep after Meg exits daddy HPE

"No change to Aruba" was veep Morten Illum's public verdict on the news that Meg Whitman was stepping down from the top spot at Aruba's parent company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Aruba Networks was bought out for $3bn back in 2015, HP(E)'s biggest acquisition since the multibillion disaster that was Autonomy. As we revealed …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What IoT COULD Be

    + a Raspberry PI plus some 250V/16A relay switches; some SPI A/D converters for reading humidity, temperature and the like

    + an ESP8266 chip (3 dollars) plus the actors and sensors above for a total cost of 10 dollars or so

    It can be used to monitor temperature and even regulate the temperature by turning on/off an electric heating. Or it can be used to simulate house occupancy during vacation, in order to scare off thieves.

    Another application would be a drastic reduction in the wiring needed for a complex light system. Have one power bus plus an ESP8266 with each lamp. Switch on/off lights by Wifi from a smartphone app.

    And yeah, no creepy microphones or cameras in the bathroom required to make sense.

    1. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Re: What IoT COULD Be

      as much as I like (and derive income from) IoT, I have to wonder whether its hype is as bad as 'cloud' hype, 'slab' hype, and the "dot bomb" bubble of the noughties...

      I mean, do you REALLY want wold+dog to see the temperature (and description) of yesterday's leftovers in your fridge?

  2. bombastic bob Silver badge

    divorcing their success from Micro-Shaft

    would be "a good start" for the new CEO of HP.

    I would specifically like to see Linux-based HP laptops as a major marketing thrust. I bet it would succeed, too.

    1. Sandtitz Silver badge

      Re: divorcing their success from Micro-Shaft @bombastic bob

      "I would specifically like to see Linux-based HP laptops as a major marketing thrust. I bet it would succeed, too."

      Utter nonsense. Why would that strategy suddenly succeed? HP has a selection of Chromebooks. What's wrong with them?

      Almost every business laptop/desktop model can be bought without MS tax (=Freedos preinstalled) yet the sales of those models are flatso fugly.

      There's no reason for HP et al. to preinstall any Linux distro because the "graybeards" would still be reinstalling their preferred distros (and moan how HP had used closed source binaries or partitioned the storage stupidly, and whatnot)

    2. Androgynous Cow Herd

      Re: divorcing their success from Micro-Shaft

      Someone has not figured out that HP and HPE are two different companies. HPE doesn't even build laptops.

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