back to article First XPoint, then Z-NAND: Oh dear, server-makers. SCM is happening

Storage-class memory (SCM), in the shape of Optane, is already here and, with Samsung's Z-SSD, set to become available for use by servers. What does this mean and when will it actually happen? SCM, also known as persistent memory (PMEM) is a faster version on non-volatile memory, built using Intel/Micron's 3D XPoint media or …

  1. jms222


    The real game changer will be DDR5 when volatile and non-volatile memory become addressable in the same way. As I understand it possibly incorrectly anyway. It's called NVDIMM.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: DDR5

      NVDIMM-P will be the open alternative to 3D-Xpoint "DIMM-like" solution

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cool Stuff

    Intel talked about this almost 2 years ago. Long time coming. I have seen a couple of HCI vendors talk about it also. I think I saw a Maxta presentation about 6 months ago in which they also talked about 3D-XPoint because of some hook up with Intel. Others can't be far behind.

    The ability to have this in sever in a 1U server or even higher density will allow people save a ton on power and cooling.

  3. skoenigsberg

    Other server-side cache

    Here at Infinio, we've seen an uptick in interest in using Optane with our server-side cache, and true SCM won't be far behind. For customers using VMware, it's a no-brainer, and will be a good path to SCM adoption as well. Read our primer on Optane with VMware here:

  4. Lost_Signal


    What about VMware/vSAN/vXRAIL?

    vSAN Today uses DRAM for Cache (Client Cache), and VMware has a history of doing client-side caching (vFRC, as well as VAIO filters for selectively inserting 3rd party cache services).

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