back to article Gulp. HPE's InfoSight self-repairs and makes 'proactive decisions'

HPE is updating its acquired Nimble Storage InfoSight array management system with a machine learning-driven recommendation engine, and adding InfoSight to 3PAR arrays. InfoSight collects data points from sensors (hardware and software) in all installed Nimble arrays and pumps them up to Nimble in the cloud for analysis, …

  1. Locky

    Deleting that Archive LUN for you

    This is how SkyNet started isn't it....

  2. Oneman2Many

    Ask Oz tax office how 3PAR is doing for them.....

    1. Stand001

      ask your self why you are a troll

      1. Oneman2Many

        not a troll, we've tried their kit and they don't have any must have features. Maybe infosight is it but past records says it will have some stupid 'feature' which makes it useless in real life like much of HPE inventions.

        1. Stand001

          Well Gartner just named HPE the clear leader in Storage so all evidence is against you, how does that feel?

          1. ecofeco Silver badge

            Gartner? I wouldn't brag about that if I were you.

            1. Stand001

              Go out and buy a hard drive on Walmart and DIY, sounds like the perfect solution for you ;-)

          2. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Which bit of "storage"? Gartner have at least 4 or 5 magic quadrants for storage and I know that HPE are NOT top right in most of them.

            1. baspax

              It’s in Gartner’s disk array MQ (spinning disk). That’s like IBM leading the mainframe MQ, nobody cares.

              1. Stand001

                Well a lot of people care and HPE is in the leaders Q of all of Gartners MQ, if you have q:s. Call Gartner

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          It's more likely you don't have any must have requirements - please enlighten us, what are the must have features they are lacking ?

        3. ManMountain1

          Past records? Maybe ask a Nimble customer what they think about Infosight and then comment!

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