NoScript has landed!

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  1. JLV

    NoScript has landed!

    Just noticed it on my FF 57.

    No idea how it got there, I suppose FF checks the list of not-uninstalled incompatible plugins and re-installs them when they've been updated.


    p.s. anyone know how to do Paypal donations when you don't use Paypal? I suppose that seems pretty nonsensical, but I'd like to chip in to thank NoScript dev and he's only got Paypal. Not motivated enough to reactivate PayPal just for that, but a Visa/Amazon Pay => to PayPal beneficiary bridge would be a neat service.

    p.p.s. FF Quantum is pretty nice, but has taken tricks out of the Chrome RAM theatre:

    With 3 tabs open, the main FF weighs at a "svelte" 1.2 GB and is duly followed by 4-5 of FirefoxCP Web Content processes @ 300-800 MB each. So hardly the most lightweight browser though it seems faster and cleaner.

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