back to article nbn™ to ISPs: share your speeds or we'll share 'em for you

Australia's National Broadband Network “speed scandal” was in the news again last week, as nbn™, the company building and operating the network, suggested it should publish its internal speed data to resolve the issue. Last week, Telstra 'fessed up that it can't always deliver the speeds it advertises, blaming nbn™ for …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "that demographic wants NBN access for services like Netflix and Spotify,"

    Have you seen Australian TV?! It's not exactly surprising.

    1. Denarius

      Oz TV

      AC oh so true. Cant even watch local news mostly. El Jazirah (sp) on SBS is about all that left. ABC and SBS used to be OK but ABC has become monomaniacal about Merkins and their fumblings and SBS just faded. Has stupidity disease become an epidemic ?

  2. Denarius

    FTTP or FTTN ?

    Try suffering with satellite. One gets at best 30% of claimed download speed late at night with the wind in ENE, moon in first quarter and so on. Allowances are generally 10% of physical landline of any kind at similar price It still beats Swamp over 3G. The other Oz claimants to title of telco have so little coverage they don't count. Claims of 4G speeds outside major centers or living under local telco mast are works of fiction.

    What is it with so many companies demanding "login accounts" now for anything, including service and warranties. Even governments wont let bills be paid by simple online transactions. One needs an "account" to login to. I am beginning to think the ruling glove puppets are fronts for semi-organised crime from the ways crime is assisted by these practices.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We got exactly the 3rd world solution Turnbull engineered to appease Rupert and Foxtel.

    There is no other fool on this planet who would spend $59b to give us EXACTLY the same network we had before he spent it.

    Even worse, speeds on HFC are slower on the NBN than they were when Telstra owned the cables.

    130Mb/s download on Telstra HFC becomes 90Mb/s on NBN (if you are lucky)

    ADSL2 already got the minimum 25Mbs he promised for FTTN.

    I don't know how Turnbull can sleep at night, surely he realises he is a moron?

    1. sms123

      > ADSL2 already got the minimum 25Mbs he promised for FTTN.

      (Cough splutter expletive ROFL) Minimum 25Mbs? You do realise that the maximum theoretical speed for ADSL2+ is 24Mbs and in reality most people get a fraction of that (usually a small one). That's m-a-x-i-m-u-m, sorry I had to spell it you didn't seem to understand that was maximum not minimum. I for one look forward to you explaining in a follow up post explaining how my 3Mbs ADSL2+ is in reality a minimum of 25Mbs. If you can explain that I'll be impressed.

      If you're going to put forward an argument that the NBN is a waste of money please only use real facts instead of alternative facts.

    2. mathew42

      > We got exactly the 3rd world solution Turnbull engineered to appease Rupert and Foxtel.

      Netflix recommends 5Mbps for HD streaming, so I seriously doubt that FTTN will protect Foxtel from competition.

      If you think that the issue is high CVC pricing, but the Liberals have cut the price of CVC from $20 to $14.40 far quicker than Labor planned.

      > I don't know how Turnbull can sleep at night,

      I wonder how Conroy, Wong & fibre fanbois can sleep at night knowing that one foolish decision to add speed tiers has meant that 84% are connecting at 25Mbps or slower.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ADSL2 user here (wave)

    Max speed here (taking into account planet alignment and sun spots) is 3 Mbps.

    I'd be happy with 5 Mbps, truly I would.

    NBN build is years away for me.

    - via smoke signal

    1. sms123

      Re: ADSL2 user here (wave)

      Fingers crossed, we have a RFS date of the 15th of December (Outer eastern Melbourne). They're pulling new HFC cable underground at the moment (we never had it before) and running it through the existing phone conduit to homes.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: ADSL2 user here (wave)

      Don't stress. Here in Tassie, I've been to places that are connected via NBN wireless and telstra where they don't get ADSL speeds unless its about midday during the week.

      Haven't hunted down the information as yet, about contention issues and various providers. Mind you if the kids wail one more time about ping time. I might just be tempted to upgrade to a shitty service( for the giggles although I do know that our tower is okish 5-12Mbps with the odd laggy spot of 2-3 every few minutes. Only 1 hop away from a well connected exchange )

      A little bit of knowledge can be misapplied so well.

    3. Overcharged Aussie

      Re: ADSL2 user here (wave)

      Same speed here (3Mbps) when it hasn't been raining.

      I suppose I shouldn't expect much, suburb is in Australia's 3rd largest City and only 11 kilometres from the CBD, must be difficult for them to get the infrastructure all the way out here.

  5. Big-nosed Pengie

    I shudder at the thought of being compulsorily NBNd. I'm getting an average of ~70Mbs down and 25Mbs up under VDSL2 at the moment. The NBN will feel like going back to dialup.

  6. DanielR

    So they are going to release data exposing they stuffed up and the copper wires was always the problem ?

    I have attempted multiple times to get information on the areas that got FTTP and they have refused. Trying to cover up their fraud.

    So NBN. Be my guest. Expose how trashed the dialup tin can network is.

  7. DanielR

    They have yet to expose they have stuffed up with the HFC gamble. After just realising hardly anyone is connected to it. No HFC lead in ? no NBN let alone no non NBN HFC. They have to dig trenches too.

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