back to article Slack apologises to Europe for TITSUP* services

Slackers of Europe, it might be a good time to enjoy a little me-time as techies at the messaging and collaboration app biz attempt to wake the supposed productivity improvement tool from its slumber. "Connectivity issues" have hit users on the continent and perhaps elsewhere, the company confirmed today. At 12:23 AM PST (08: …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good timing.

    I'm in a remote team. A few suggested we should move to Slack, from IRC. Sure, it's retro but it just works.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "I'm in a remote team. A few suggested we should move to Slack, from IRC. Sure, it's retro but it just works."

      Woah there cowboy! "Just works" is not enough these days for millenials! They've got to have emojis and cute pictures and other social media fluff otherwise they get all confused.

      I'm sure it'll get to the point one day when they won't even need to type, there'll be so many emojis they can have a conversation using them. Admittedly it won't exactly be in depth and with lots of information, but this is millenials we're talking about, so thats a given anyway. As long as they have plenty of "I'm offended", "non binary", "going to my safe space" and snowflake ones they'll be fine.

      1. capnkirk

        There's a Star Trek episode in there somewhere: crew of the Enterprise have to negotiate a peace treaty with a race of beings who only speak emoji (it's TNG obvs)

      2. teknopaul Silver badge

        All emojis are featured in utf-8.

        Irc beat the hipsters to it years ago ☺

  2. jake Silver badge

    Instead of me-time ...

    ... you could spend your hours learning IRC, which hasn't been down since long before "Slack" was an itch in it's developers pants^WIDE.

  3. Alister

    and the news room now has all sorts of excuses to go down the pub

    Here's a journalistic tip...

    Don't print that in a story the Editor is going to see!

    1. <BLINK/>

      ... editor location ... the pub.

    2. Anonymous Coward Silver badge

      Here's a BOFH tip. Take the editor's credit card to the pub with you.

      Editor can be with the card or tied to his chair, depending on who's side they're on.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just tell us which pub...

    and you can do some old-school social interaction by actually talking to people instead of digital assistants?

  5. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Told Intern To Suspend Uninterruptible Power

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