back to article 576-megapixel 'Zwicky Transient Facility' telescope sees first light

A sky survey destined to add yet another firehose of data to astronomy saw first light in early November. The 576-megapixel monster, known as the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) was installed on the 48-inch Samuel Oschin Telescope at Palomar, and captures 47 square degrees of sky in each image. As Caltech's announcement stated …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Zwicky thought of it first

    Nice to see old Fred Zwicky get a new scope named after him. Very interesting fellow, who called people he didn't like "spherical bastards" because any way you look at them, they're still bastards. He also did all his own maths, and dabbled in jet engine design, along with positing dark matter and how supernovas turn into neutron stars. Pretty cool dude.

    1. willi0000000

      Re: Zwicky thought of it first

      "spherical bastards" . . . i might find a use for that.

      1. handleoclast

        Re: Zwicky thought of it first

        spherical bastards" . . . i might find a use for that

        Have another one I picked up years ago (can't remember where, may have been an SF story, may have been Dilbert). Coprolite. Often applicable to manglement. It means a fossilized turd.

  2. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    Open data!

    Will certainly have a go at applying tools we develop for BIG images (Gpixel to Tpixel range) on those. Great first-light image too.

    1. Tom 7 Silver badge

      Re: Open data!

      I'm going to have to get a bigger monitor to use that as background. Though with my ADSL I'll have time to save up!

      1. Francis Boyle Silver badge


        is only 32K. Probably be the big thing for next Christmas.

  3. FozzyBear Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Now that's cool.

  4. Martin Budden Bronze badge

    More please

    We need another one for the southern hemisphere to help find incoming asteroids, because I really don't fancy another Chicxulub any time soon.

    Oh yeah, and we also need a way to deflect it once we've spotted it.

  5. Poe

    New item for the reg standards soviet?

    1 Zwicky = 247 full moons

    Applications limited, for now...

  6. Faux Science Slayer

    "Mysterious Dr X says, Universe is Not Expanding"

    In archive at CanadaFreePress. In a Time magazine interview, "Shift on Shift" on Dec 14, 1936

    the father of big bang said it was a hoax to get funding for the 200 inch Palomar telescope.

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