back to article Twitter: Finally, there's an affordable way to pay us actual money

Hoping to extinguish its eleven-year cash bonfire and finally turn a profit, Twitter has introduced premium APIs to allow businesses to make better use of its trove of troll tweets – for a fee. The hoi polloi seldom pay for anything online but developers, in particular those working for big biz, can be convinced to ante up in …

  1. Anonymous c0w@®d

    Tweet tweet, gimmie your money!

    We need this to stop. Next thing we know were going to be paying 1 BTC for 5 tweets.

    God help @RealDonaldTrump

  2. Anonymous Coward

    It took a while to sink in but repeated experiences with Microsoft stabbing anybody within reach in the back finally convinced me of one thing. Corporations will lie, cheat, and steal whenever they think they can get away with it. As a former partner, beta-tester, and developer, if Twitter thinks I'll come to this party after they've done the dagger in back transplant, they have another think coming. That's despite it being the only social media I'd use.

    1. tiggity Silver badge

      @Jack of Shadows

      WIth you on Twitter coding pains

      Many years ago I had a job that required having a social media presence and sending out company related messages on social media accounts (doubt many of the customers were interested in most of the arcane dev stuff I was speaking about, but it was place where social media presnce was "essential" even for tech folk).

      Third party apps to manage post/ read on multiple social media (e.g. Twitter, FB etc) were not that great back in teh day, and did not really do what I needed (I wanted it as hassle free as possible to post same thing on mutiple social media sites and deal with any replies, sometimes crosspositing if they were interesting replies)

      So, I coded up an app that would do what I needed, of the different platforms, Twitter was the most pain, with goalposts getting frequently changed on what APIs could so. Benefits I got from streamlined socal media use were lost by the many code changes I had to make as Twitter altered things, revoked APIs, changed data that was available etc., etc.

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