back to article Infinidat adds sync, async replication and bans noisy neighbours

Big-iron array supplier Infinidat's fourth major version of its software adds sync (block) and async (file) replication, file directory quotas and quality of service features to quiet down noisy neighbours. Infinidat says it collaborated with more than 100 customers on the features for this release, in the planning and …

  1. pPPPP

    >Synchronous replication with claimed industry-leading sub 400μs latency and 4-second RPO

    You've got this wrong, Chris. 400μs latency is for sync. The 4-second RPO is for async. Sync replication has a zero RPO, of course.

    1. randallvandall

      Can anyone see the data in the GUI image - shows as minimised and blurry to me.

      1. mikeymac

        I can see the image, but it isn't REALLY what the caption suggests. It's showing a view of InfiniMetrics (the Infinidat performance monitoring package), not the actual Infinidat management GUI.

        1. pPPPP

          It's not a good image. Yes, it's a screenshot of InfiniMetrics, and if I'm not mistaken it's showing the effect of implementing QoS on a test workload - the write latency goes up artificially with a resulting fall in IOPs and throughput.

          The GUI hasn't significantly changed across releases. It's a doddle to use.

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