back to article HPE's Apollo 'Skylaked', will get ARM-wrestling little brother next year

Some of HPE's supercomputer Apollo servers are Skylaked and can now say hello to an ARM-powered infant sibling. HPE's Apollo-related announcements at SC'17 are: Apollo 2000 Gen 10 (G10) Apollo 70 with ARM CPUs Apollo 4510 Gen 10 for object storage LTO-8 tape format drives and library We should note that the Apollo 2000 …

  1. Korev Silver badge


    A 42U rack can have up to 20 HPE Apollo r2000 Series chassis and up to 80 HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers per rack.

    And in many datacentres only about half would be switched on... I think DC design needs to keep up with these ultra-dense nodes a bit better.

  2. Jim 59

    Unix engineers of a certain age get all excited when they hear "Apollo".

    No, not the moon langings, Apollo Domain workstations.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      And some of us remember the DN100 with the portrait screen, and the Aegis OS

  3. Jim 59

    28 years ago, my first job came with an Apollo on the desk, and Aegis. Lovely. Screen was landscape though.

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