back to article Qualcomm touts deal with Chinese giants to really consider using $12bn of its chips

Qualcomm says it has struck a deal, of sorts, with four major smartphone vendors in China that could possibly be worth $12bn. Emphasis on the "possibly". The chip designer says the non-binding 'memorandum of understanding' agreements will bring Xiaomi, Guangdong OPPO, and Vivo Communications to the table in an attempt to …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Will those deals include double dipping?

    as is the case in the sueball going on with Apple?

    Or will QC have learnt a lesson?

    coming just after Broadcomm has made a hostile bid for QC, I also can't help wondering if this is their first defense against that bid.

    This deal should push their market value up and make BC increase their offer price.

    This all has a long way to go before things get settled one way or the other.

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