back to article NASA tells The Reg: For crying out loud. We're not building flying taxi software for Uber

NASA has smacked down reports that it is working with Uber on a flying car, or software for that flying car, or indeed, software for any firm after several announcements from the ride-hailing biz yesterday had the tech press aflame with excitement. screenshot of guardian coverage of uber flying car Are you sure, chaps? Uber …

  1. Alistair


    Clickbait "News" website created a clickbait article and ........ idiots bought it? Or perhaps inflated egos in a corporation full of inflated egos simply gushed out a little too much whalesong at an ego inflation event?

    1. DJV Silver badge

      Re: Sooooooooooo

      Well, obviously they were just taking people for a ride...

  2. Tempest8008

    If the FAA moves fast on this I will be utterly shocked.

    <cough> LOHAN <cough>

  3. Chris Miller

    It's on that well-known fake news site, The Giradanu. I'm only surprised they didn't manage to weave in a reference to the Paradise Papers.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ah, that

    I once had a journo talking about how I had adapted the Met's fingerprint recognition technology for a system.

    Um, no, I used structured light, which they use to take 3d photos of fingerprints. Nothing from the recognition tech at all.

    We stopped them publishing it and told them not to bother us again. They did.

  5. Kevin Johnston

    Ah, that style of media bumph

    Clearly they are using the same PR house as Easyjet where complete non-stories are published on a regular basis to keep the name in public view regardless of the 'Crying Wolf' effect when they actually have a genuine announcement.

  6. MJI Silver badge

    I am most disappointed

    FLying Taxis and no mention of Bruce Willis

    1. Colabroad

      Re: I am most disappointed

      They could at least have started the trials in (Corben) Dallas!

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