back to article Sprint, T-Mobile US's on-again off-again merger talks are now off

US carriers Sprint and T-Mobile have decided their on-again, off-again merger is off. The companies have been rumoured to have considered a merger since 2013. In September 2017 reportable rumours bubbled to the surface, but Japanese outlets last week reported that Sprint's parent SoftBank had gone cold on the deal. That …

  1. redpawn

    How is that not ownership?

    It takes far less than holding 85% of a company to have control over it. I guess this means that the two (one) company can't commingle the funds or something.

    1. swschrad

      probably whose name and staff would survive

      there was a rumor about that the week before the deal crashed, that ultimate control over the merged company was a sticking point. both SoftBank and T can't imagine backing off, right?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh well. I guess they couldn't decide who's management would be in control and get the big perks, and who's management would get golden parachutes, and who's staff would be laid off. Guess both separate companies will have to keep working to retain current customers and get new customers, although Sprint will be working MUCH harder at this than T-Mobile. And the lawyers will not get richer from a merger. How tragic. >:-D

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