Node.js and docker

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    Node.js and docker

    Trying to teach an old dog new tricks.

    I have to learn node.js and docker.... Well I don't have to I could just resign.

    I have coded in various languages, a bit of a jack of all trades and master of none. I find myself having to work out what a node.js app does and how it does it. The app is critical to the business. And I do mean critical. This app was written by a very smart youngster who has moved on. Lot's of clever stuff, even though he has admitted the code is "shitty" ( I can't tell shitty node.js code from good node.js code). Given time, I can sort it, the problem is that time is a critical, there is zero documentation and the app is full of bugs.

    I have searched, I have looked around. And I have read read node.js documentation, I have worked a lot of stuff out. Still, I am ill equipped to perform how my employers expect.

    I can recreate what this app does in another language that I am more familiar with but it would take months, this is not simple stuff. I don't have months.

    Can anyone recommend any courses or web resources that provide good tuition with well commented examples of how to create and dockerise node.js apps that accept user input and use the input as parameters to parse hundreds of disparate text files and render the results to xml?

    Best practice, security etc?

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