back to article Vodafone's NBN plans may include voice-over-WiFi, virtual landlines

Vodafone Australia is market testing a product called “nbn extras” that will see it offer voice-over-WiFi or a virtual landline that redirects to mobile phones. Friends of The Register tell us that the company is using paid online surveys to test the ideas illustrated below. Vodafone NBN extras Vodafone's 'nbn extras' plan …

  1. Phil Kingston

    Give me a data-only SIM and allow me to port my 04 mobile number to a VOIP provider, then we'll talk.

  2. -tim

    Why no wifi phone? We are the customer

    Phones don't have the wifi phone features simply because end users aren't the main buyer of phones. The major buyer of phones in most places in the world are still the carriers who still see their land line business as part of their core and wifi as a threat to that. There is more than a decade of solid evidence showing that land lines are going the way of the dodo and yet they persists. Even companies like Vodafone who have no land line business at all in many countries seems to operate the same as all the other phone companies. Fixed cable TV and Fixed line phones are dead, it isn't a matter of if, but how soon. They need to start treating data networks as data networks and not over grown phone companies or cable tv operations.

  3. david 12

    Our voip provider took our ported landline number, and connects it to landline, mobile, deskphone or voip client. Presumably any other provider of business voip services does the same.

    So I guess Vodaphone is wondering if they can make a business out of doing the same for home/personal phones.

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