back to article Evaluate this: A VM benchmark that uses 'wrong' price and config data

Diane Greene's server-powered storage startup Datrium says it has achieved the highest-ever IOmark benchmark at 8,000 VMs on a DVX cluster, five times higher than the previous record by IBM's FlashSystem V9000 (1,600) and ten times more than an Intel server/VMware/vSAN Optane system (800) (PDF). But it appears the official …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So what you're saying is vendor benchmarks are absolute steaming bullshit?

    Well, colour me absolutely shocked.

  2. russtystorage

    Chris Mellor took the time to speak with me about this testing and accurately quoted our conversations, which is greatly appreciated. No doubt the reporting is somewhat complicated, but bottom line is the following:

    1) This is NOT a vendor benchmark, it is an audited benchmark that has reported results by many large vendors (IBM, HDS, HPE, Intel, VMware) and others such as Tintri, Datrium, etc.

    2) Datrium achieved the published results with their storage gear as tested and reported

    3) For IOmark-VM, CPU and memory are viewed as fungible, hence reporting the servers for HCI configs becomes a pricing exercise

    Happy to discuss with anyone who isn't an anonymous coward.

    1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      I have some questions. Where can I reach you?

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Get with the Program, T_P

        I have some questions. Where can I reach you? ..... Trevor_Pott

        What better place for answers than here in these virtual spaces providing commentary and platforms guidance, TP.

        There are no secrets available for deep dark dank storage nowadays. That is so yesterday man. Have you forgotten all the problems it caused?

        And the mega money shot question in that Live Operational Virtual Environment always is, does one have the IntelAIgents required to Securely Access All Necessary Future Information for the Engagement and Entertainment/Capture and Control of Rabid Masses and Undereducated Hordes.


        Trevor, please feel free to email us with your questions at

        Happy to respond. Also, as I mentioned on twitter, IOmark is free for 30 days, thus if you want to set up a test in your lab, let me know.

      3. TheNinja

        If you are asking for a Datrium employee to reach out to, you can ping me: G as in Gregory, A as in apple, N as in Nancy, E as in English, S as in Sam, H as in Henry, at datrium dot com.

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