back to article Scroll, scroll, scroll your note gently down the screen. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, FB's code's a dream

Android developers looking for a way to write more maintainable apps with highly optimized scrolling lists may want to take a look at Sections, a Java-based data structuring API from Facebook. The social network happens to worry quite a bit about scrollable lists, because making them perform well, without janky movement, can …

  1. Randy Hudson

    Seems like a solution looking for a problem. If you need to render a list and your first thought is to find a framework to help you do so...

  2. Andy 73 Silver badge


    Did that four years ago for an 'infinite scrolling' TV Guide.. didn't make headlines in El Reg.

    Retrospective disappointment.

  3. doug_bostrom

    It's nice that we're making the collapse of civilization truly developer friendly.

  4. 45RPM Silver badge

    Screw Facebook and the horse they rode in on. They’re a nasty, toxic, stain on the tech world. So I don’t really care about this. However…

    …that headline is legendary, it made my day, and big fb thumb up to Thomas Claburn and to El Reg.

    1. Elmer Phud

      end of all days

      pray tell, which demonic overlord social media bastards are next on your list?

      which is next month's favourite bete noir?

      1. 45RPM Silver badge

        Re: end of all days

        Whilst I don’t particularly care for social media, I don’t necessarily have a problem with it per se. I don’t use it so, generally speaking, it doesn’t affect me. However, when a powerful company like Facebook shirks its responsibilities to ensure that it doesn’t disseminate lies and prejudiced propaganda (racism, sexism &c &c) and in doing so furthers the cause of petulant man-children like Trump and Farage, then yes - I have a problem with them. At that point they affect all of us, whether we signed up for the service or not. And the fact that they gobble up personal data faster than a Stazi agent on a binge doesn’t help their cause either. Do you trust them?

        Should Facebook have to police its service? Perhaps, in an ideal world, they shouldn’t. In an ideal world we wouldn’t need antivirus software either. But given that many (possibly most?) people, not just users of Social Networks, have trouble parsing even simple stories and sorting out fact from fiction, I’d say that Facebook has an absolute duty to police, and even censor, its service most thoroughly. If a story fails the snopes test, and garners significant clicks, then that story should be deleted - it has ceased to be harmless. On the other hand, if a story is in the public interest and passes the snopes test, then it should be promoted and spread - no matter how distasteful it might be.

        Similarly, I have a problem with Reddit and Twitter - but, since they aren’t the subject of the story, they’re out of the firing line of my ire. Actually, if the story hadn’t had such an excellent headline, and it is a truly funny headline (to me, anyway), I’d have skipped merrily by without a second glance.

  5. Fizzle


    Thanks Monsieur "El Reg" for that headline. I've now got that bloody tune in my head and it won't go away.


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