back to article Linux data-sharing licences: So, will big data hogs take the plunge?

With its new open data licensing framework, announced on Tuesday, the Linux Foundation has created legal frameworks around sharing raw, unorganised data to tempt generous companies, nonprofits, government agencies and researchers to do so. But an expert says their current ambiguity makes them risky, and others are concerned …

  1. Mage Silver badge

    sharing raw, unorganised data

    The proposals are too vague, ambiguous and confusing to data providers. It's unnecessary.

    What do they mean by "raw" or "unorganized"? Such a thing hardly exists.

    Mostly illegal in EU if any personal data and immoral anyway.

    Data sharing is totally unrelated to Open Source.

    Obviously certain kinds of specialist data might be part of piece of software (such ISO character maps, national flags, ISO country names). No new licence should be needed.

    This is just giving critics of Linux and Open Source a stick to beat us open source supporters.

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