back to article 'Drive-level server' startup pockets $5m to grow object storing biz

Five million dollars has just been stumped up to grow a startup making object storage drive-based servers. OpenIO is this startup, which says it turns disk drives and SSDs into object-storing and event-driven processing micro-servers. The idea is that potentially massive capacity stores can be built this way, with a …

  1. daurtanyn

    Getting it Right

    I'm hopeful this architecture pans out. If they can execute the drive and service integration in a robust way they may succeed in a big way.

    Tight integration with the underlying drive firmware is important. There are some tricky after sale things like soft failure monitoring (logging) and recovery which are important. These include low-level re-formatting(disk), SMART monitoring (disk and ssd) and TRIM support (ssd). Firmware updates for the drives and the ARM controller need to be painless.

    Along with the standard Kinetic Gets and Puts, there needs to be support for health and welfare dialogs with the drives. Support services similar to the enclosure services we have in the SCSI command space, for instance.

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