back to article nbn™ to use in late 2018, firstly in commercial premises

nbn™, the company building and operating Australia's national broadband network (NBN), has announced it will start using in 2018 and will eventually use it in fibre-to-the-node installations. is a successor to VDSL and can hit a gigabit per second when the stars align. Government policy means nbn™ will deploy …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    NBN pushing in to the US now? Would rather have seen FTTK used in Oz.

    1. Phil Kingston

      Re: FTTC?

      I seem to remember they've made a statement along the lines of "we're calling it FTTC as that's the internationally recognised name".

      I've got a different name for FTTC/K and FTTN.

  2. Colin Tree


    A new flavour is being dropped into the Multi Technology Mix pot.

    More complication, more cost, more confusion.

    So is it now a multi stepped upgrade from FTTN ---> FTTP ?

    Just give us all fibre you dickheads.

  3. BlackKnight(markb)

    "were only delivering this to commercial because we think they will pay"

    followed by

    "were not making a profit because no residential users pay for the premium speeds"

    Heres a tip for new players, if you want people to pay for premium speeds and service, the infrastructure you design must support it first, retailers also have to be able to afford it, but again those are just pesky details.

    1. mathew42

      Why didn't you point this out when Labor announced the NBN with speed tiers and created a financial model which relied on ARPU rising steeply to above $100 for targets to be met?

      Labor's financial model was based on increased data usage driving CVC revenue growth pushing up ARPU and slowly discounting AVC. The Liberals have cut CVC pricing to $14 reducing CVC revenue growth which curtails NBN's ability to discount AVC. Smart plan if you are building a FTTN network and want to suppress demand for faster speeds.

      The rumoured uncongested 50Mbps plan will put further upward pressure on the cost of faster plans.

  4. Frank Oz

    Funny how ...

    .... Announcements like this are always preceded by bad nws stories about the NBN.

  5. Frank Oz

    Funny how ...

    Announcements like this and the new, more reasonable, ISP charges always happen after some disastrous media coverage of the NBN.

    Perhaps we should encourage more investigative journalism on the topic ... hey, we could even end up with a barely adequate broadband network rather than the fourth rate one they continue to build.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Never do this

      Not going to happen in Australia. Murdoch doesn't want it to succeed, so the nbn is not going to be useful and viable. His slice of the forth estate will do its darnedest to stop it happening. Good luck with having what the 68th fastest interweb in the world.

      1. mathew42

        Re: Never do this

        If we assume Murdoch is concerned about people streaming cutting into his profits and accept Netflix's recommendation of 5Mbps for HD and 25Mbps for 4K HD then FTTN will has just a big an impact.

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