back to article Australian government launches review of .au domain

Australia will conduct a review of how the nation's .au top level domain is managed. Minister for communications Mitch Fifield says it's needed because current arrangements have been in place since the year 2001, when the not-for-profit .au Domain Administration (auDA) got the job of operating and managing the .au domain. …

  1. JJKing

    I wish I was only joking.

    This liberal government has been hopeless at everything they have tried to do. I expect this one to be no different. Maybe they will replace it with .coal and do away with .au as a TLD.

  2. Snoopy2
    Thumb Down

    AUDA's .AU proposal is a cash grab!

    I believe this government intervention will mainly focus on AUDA's direct registration .AU proposal which is very unpopular and would amount to a double tax on Australian business. It is a cash grab and the organisations policies seem to centre around mirroring the existing namespace in the new extension.

    AUDA would make tens of millions if this went ahead at the expenses of businesses and they seem to have dug in their heels despite the public backlash against it.

  3. Colin Tree


    Mitch wants to give the domain registration to some prick company which donates to the LNP, so his mates can put prices way up and make lots of filthy money and donate more money to the LNP.

    It's a synergistic - all the mates get rich and screw everyone else. Why not, it's what they've done with everything else.

  4. Sanctimonious Prick


    Abandon the .au domain.

    Two can play at this game :)


    3 things matter

    1. Having a transparent registration system and disclosing security flaws, AU domain has had a couple...

    2. DNSSEC - secure transfer of information on where to find your banks servers...

    3. ENUM - publishing the +61 opt in phonebook (key being opt in) so VOIP servers can dial over NBN...

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