back to article Domino's Pizza delivers user details to spammers

Domino's Pizza's Australian outpost has blamed a partner for a security breach, after angry customers went online complaining about finding themselves on spam lists. The company owned up to the breach after Redditor “Pinchie McPinch” complained about receiving e-mails from “Sarah” and “Jess”. What tipped Pinchie that the data …

  1. Sampler

    So that's where those came from

    I've had them based on Elizabeth Street (the Domino's nearest my former work) and Glebe (the Domino's nearest my last but two residences) and did wonder where they got the location data from, sadly it was on my junk account so that email address had been signed up to waay too much stuff to be able to pinpoint.

    Nothing from the last two places I've worked near though, so appears it affects only up to March this year when I moved across the city for both work and home.

    Not that I eat a lot of Domino's, but five bucks for a filling lunch ain't bad at months end..(now six, and smaller, so Thai takeaway it is)..

  2. DownUndaRob

    Good luck on the Diet Coke

    Domino's has gone pepsi

  3. Winkypop Silver badge

    Spam pizzas?


  4. Paratrooping Parrot

    Seems like the dominos are falling in the fight against online crime.

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