back to article Kubernetes has won. Docker Enterprise Edition will support rival container-wrangling tech

Container darling Docker plans to make peace with its orchestration rival, Kubernetes, at its European conference this week. For the past two years or so, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Mesos have been vying to provide the most compelling orchestration layer for containers. Mesos has been around longer, but the arrival of …

  1. Adam 52 Silver badge

    Hmm. By only counting their own customers they ignore everyone running of Elastic Container Services or Google Container Engine.

    A bit like doing a traffic survey but ignoring motorways.

  2. RyokuMas Silver badge

    Oh, what a surprise...

    Go to Google and search for "docker container orchestration" - every single link above the fold is "kubernetes".

    Go to bing or duckduckgo, and it's a mixture of docker, github and "what are containers" - basically, the same links that appear below the fold on Google...

    Yet another example the ghoul abusing its dominant position in search to undermine the competition.

    1. frank ly

      Re: Oh, what a surprise...

      I just tried that with Google and duckduckgo and you're right. But I thought that duckduckgo used Google and stripped your IP out so Google didn't know who was searching. Has something changed?

      1. Des

        Re: Oh, what a surprise...

        According to wikipedia...

        DuckDuckGo's results are a compilation of "over 400" sources, including Yahoo! Search BOSS; Wikipedia; Wolfram Alpha; Bing; its own Web crawler (the DuckDuckBot); and others. It also uses data from crowdsourced sites, including Wikipedia, to populate "Zero-click Info" boxes – grey boxes above the results that display topic summaries and related topics.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Oh, what a surprise...

        "But I thought that duckduckgo used Google and stripped your IP out"

        No it primarily uses Bing. That's why the results are so relevant and free of advert crap...

        1. ratfox Silver badge

          Re: Oh, what a surprise...

          I tried "docker container orchestration", only two of the results contain Kubernetes in the title (2nd and 4th). The top link is a comparison between 8 orchestration tool. Maybe Google knows what you're looking for (I basically never search anything about containers).

  3. cmsdd2


    No word on Hashicorp Nomad?

    I suspect they were too late too the party.

    Also regarding ECS, yes it's a little weird to ignore it entirely, but I expect AWS will also have to do more to support k8s, possibly by pivoting with ECS.

    1. PGDBA

      Re: nomad

      Nomad is primarily a scheduler rather than a PaaS. In fact I've seen people replacing the k8s scheduler and using Nomad on top.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    No mention of Rancher, but not really suprised... It has its own Cattle containers, but I've never heard of anyone using them. It can handle various container technologies, and looks pretty good. I havent used it beyond clicking about though.

    1. sjiveson

      Re: Rancher

      Rancher and Cattle are really good but they too are moving to Kubernetes with v2. Thus their USP, or 'moving up the stack' is the API, CLI, GUI, Catalog and other features which luckily for them they had already developed.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Docker is done and so are the other engines, rkt etc. k8s talks to runc directly.

    This is such baloney, I could've NOT looked at Docker at all and spent all my time the last 3 years getting KVM chops and been ahead of the game knowing next to nothing about containers, since it all changed anyways...

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