back to article Bloodied and broken AFA pioneer Violin picks itself up and tries again

Violin Systems, the renamed Violin Memory, is like a boxer who could have been a contender and is now chasing redemption, getting up off the floor after what should have been a knockout blow. There's a new coaching team in his corner but, wait a minute, the replacement head coach is the former assistant coach and there's no …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh lord the Reg is back on its Violin fixation.

  2. flashdba

    Violent Memories: The Book

    As a former Violin Memory employee, I'm convinced that everybody who lived through the Violin experience should get together and write a book. One chapter each, about your most bizarre or memorable experience working at Violin. I would imagine that most ex-employees would find it hard to pick just one.

    Apart from being cathartic, it could become an invaluable business guide - as well as a prize-winning dark comedy. Maybe Mr Mellor could write the introduction for us?

    1. danXtrate

      Re: Violent Memories: The Book

      please, oh please, say some more

    2. IanMoore33

      Re: Violent Memories: The Book

      I was WFR too in 2016 - 300 people axed - who had the office key to get back in ?

  3. Networking Dude

    Surviving DeNuccio is an accomplishment in itself... Best of Luck in this new world!!

  4. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    DeNuccio speaks

    Just remember the day one of you mugs feels like turning Canary is the night you dine with the fishes.


  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I remember their sales reps coming in to see us a few years back, what they put on the table was laughable, even when compared to the years old EMC arrays we were planning to replace. They had nothing other than the buzzword of the time "flash array", it was really just a bloody expensive flash JBOD and not a particularly great one at that, you probably could have bought a shed load of components of Amazon, downloaded FreeNAS and built something better yourself!

    1. jcrb

      You see that right there is the problem, we had so much more than just a flash JBOD, but that the sales people couldn't explain this to you is why you couldn't see that you could't build something better yourself.

      1. magickmark


        "but that the sales people couldn't explain this to you is why you couldn't see that you could't build something better yourself."

        /me reads that again trying to work through the double negatives and wonders why they did not sell anything!!

  6. IanMoore33

    Wounded lame ducks

    eventually crawl under a bush and die .. None of the small AFA producers - Pure/Nimble/Violin / Tintri has made a profit yet ;!1! Pop another round in them

  7. spinning risk

    Just saw press release that Rick Ruskin is now VP of WW sales after building the channel for Kaminario. Watch and see I guess...

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