back to article Workday says it's got a PaaS in its pocket and is ready to party

Workday says it's got APIs in its pocket and is ready to join the PaaS party HR-centric enterprise SaaS concern Workday will enter the platform-as-a-service business. Workday founder CEO and founder Aneel Bhusri teased a PaaS play in July 2017, but in a Wednesday keynote at the company's “Rising” conference revealed that the …

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    1. undercoverdave

      Re: All this sounds very grand...

      To be honest, people that choose workday (or any HRIS) know they are getting locked in, and won't want to change systems for a long time. At least with APIs and easy access to your data you may be able to have that data live in multiple places or easily export it.

      I do hear you on the difficulty of keeping up with SAAS changes, especially when you have interconnected systems. But what other options are there? Monolith? DIY?

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