back to article Has Nexenta's growth stalled?

Has software-defined storage supplier Nexenta's growth stalled? Far from it, its CEO and chairman insisted. It's booming and additional significant funding is coming, apparently. Nexenta was anticipating a stock-market debut in 2015, but has since had a $7.7m series-G funding round at the end of 2016, and a co-founder has left …

  1. cloudguy

    Is there really such a thing as a G round?

    Well, I never see Nexenta show up in any list of object-based storage software vendors even though the company launched NexentaEdge back in 2014 to catch up with that emerging storage market. Today, you hardly hear anything about Nexenta worth noting. They had a reputation for working well as a storage solution for VMware back in the day, but what have they done lately? They do have a reasonably sized paying customer base so they are generating revenue, but apparently not enough to stem the need for additional cash. Since their IPO plans never materialized and a co-founder has left Nexenta, the next logical step would be an acquisition. With $120M invested over multiple funding rounds, there have to be some anxious investors still waiting for a payday. By comparison, Cleversafe had about $127M in funding before IBM paid $1.3B for it in November 2015. Somehow I don't think Nexenta will command nearly that much in an acquisition. If the coming announcement doesn't lead to an acquisition, why would anyone invest millions more in Nexenta?

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