back to article Shhh! There's a new BlackBerry and... no, we've said too much

Enterprise-focussed phones are vanishingly rare, and that's unlikely to change after BlackBerry Mobile gave its newest model the stealthiest launch possible. The new BlackBerry Motion device – the second from TCL – was unveiled at a trade show in Dubai on a Sunday, and on Instagram, but there's no formal media announcement for …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I find it interesting that BB have released a phone aimed at the Gulf States. Wasn't it that area that went after RIM for not being able to crack their encryption?

    1. Gezza

      Yep - I remember it well, as the extrapolation of the Gulf States banning them was that rest of western world did have access to the traffic (all BIS and BES email routed via RIM servers in Canada so Uncle Sam must have had a direct feed). Snowden then happened and, well, the world realised that US, UK et al Govnts were snooping wholesale on its own population.

      I would guess this product is Gulf only as it is specifically chipped to enable said Gulf States enfettered access to comms.

  2. Spiracle

    "The BlackBerry KEYone (left) and Motion (right) share the same design language"

    If that's the case one of them must be speaking it with a very thick accent.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Given it runs Android, it should be called the Blandberry,

    1. Khaptain Silver badge

      If it had been IOS then would it have been the BlackApple ? Not very appealing either..

  4. TheRealRoland

    I'll be switching over from a Passport to a KeyOne shortly; having just switched over another family member's Q10 to KeyOne.

    All that went well - easy, no hiccups.

    However, then getting the KeyOne to behave as much as possible to be a BB10 machine. Impossible. All these Android idiosyncrasies preventing a proper BB experience. Nothing is as integrated as using BB10 to communicate.

    I do like that keyboard though. And the battery life.

    I would have liked sticking with my Passport, but that only supports sideloading of apps that should still work on Android 4.3 - anything above that wont even work. So slowly but surely, the Passport is pushed into obsolescence.

    1. Phil W

      Your complaint appears to be that you, knowingly, bought a device that runs a different OS, and that that OS does not work the same way as the old one.

      This is like buying a PC and complaining it doesn't behave like a Mac or vice versa.

      Android is great, welcome to the club. BB OS is exceptionally good at what it does (or was originally intended to do) i.e. combined messaging platforms of email,SMS,BBM and phone calls etc, it's probably better than Android at those things. But it's pretty weak at going beyond that which is part of the reason BlackBerry dumped it.

      1. Steve Evans

        Unfortunately the integrated messaging of the Blackberry Hub seems to be a huge must-have for many trying to move on from their aging Blackberrys, something that even BB have failed to replicate properly on their Android offerings.

        For those people, anything new is going to be a very painful experience.

  5. Phil W

    Not a Blackberry

    As far as I'm concerned this phone isn't a Blackberry. It's a generic Android phone that if it's anything like the Priv and the KeyOne will be underpowered and run too hot.

    The Priv and the KeyOne can be forgiven for their flaws, as long as top tier CPU power isn't something you need in a phone, because their keyboards set them apart from the Android crowd in a practical and useful way.

    The Motion is just the same as all the other Android devices across the market.

    Give us something interesting Blackberry/TCL, how about a horizontal slider a la the Motorola Milestone days.

    1. bazza Silver badge

      Re: Not a Blackberry

      Well, what is a BlackBerry then? A Z30?

      I have one of those, it's excellent as a phone and a messaging device, though even that is being eroded by the lack of a lot of social media apps. For the years I've used BB10, the thing that really makes a BlackBerry for me is their Message Hub. Which you can get for any Android phone.

      Trouble is a lot of Androids I've played with are, well, yeeeuurrrkk! Especially Samsungs. Android's approach to app permissions is a real turn off; Nougat fixes that, which means a Keyone or newer (they've not put Nougat onto a DTEK60 yet).

      I wish BlackBerry would do an iOS version of Hub, because iOS's own messaging (which I'm currently using) is shit.

      The Keyone is pretty good based on people I know who use them. But I don't want a keyboard. This new phone look ideal, though obviously not as good as an up to date BB10 phone with a rich and rewarding app ecosystem.

      Interesting Phones

      If you want an interesting phone, one of the guys who was involved in the fantastic Psion 5 is now involved in some effort to do a modernised version of that. Running Android (boo), but even so it could be interesting.

  6. mc nobby

    but but why?

    I don't understand, it looks like any other android phone

    so why would you bother buying it as an enterprise? what's it's 'killer' feature?

    I remember using RIM's and they were terrible. As soon as the server in Canada or whatever part of the world they routed everything through went down, then nobody could do anything. Which is not great for a business

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