If the worst should happen?

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    If the worst should happen?

    A recent family illness has brought home to me the importance of storing all my passwords and stuff that only I know somewhere where my next of kin could access it.

    I use Keepass to store my passwords on my phone and backed up on a home NAS. Access to both is password controlled.

    I've been contemplating how, should I die or be taken ill, my kids or spouse could gain access to my password vault.

    I considered creating a file with the key passwords and putting it on an encrypted USB drive and storing that somewhere safe, either externally with a family member or hidden somewhere at home. What I would then need to do is store the decryption password somewhere else or with someone else where the two things would not ordinarily come together except in the event of said tragedy.

    Has anyone else considered this or have a good solution?

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