back to article Nested virtualization comes to Google's cloud

In late August 2017 The Reg's virtualization desk learned that Google was working hard to make KVM better at nested virtualization. And now we know why, as the advertising giant's cloud has just revealed a nested virtualization beta. The new offering means that you can run a virtual machine inside the virtual machines you rent …

  1. Missing Semicolon Silver badge


    It's really useful for assembling a little network of boxen behind a firewall of your choosing.

  2. Roland6 Silver badge


    Surely one of the reasons for supporting nested virtualization is to permit replication of a developer's desktop?

    This approach should help solve a problem of maintaining dev/test/trial versions of multi-server enterprise systems: I build an image containing all the various servers and now I only need to start a single cloud VM to bring up that prebuilt configuration.

  3. Claptrap314 Silver badge

    Nested virtualization is a stopgap. When you are talking containers, it quickly becomes apparent that they need to be nested. Given the low overhead, this is not an issue. But that 10% or more overhead for nested virtualization.... Basically, it gives you time to figure out how to move to containers.

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