back to article Maxta provides nifty escape route from vSphere tax

Maxta has found a neat way to differentiate itself from the hyperconverged system pack; it can run vSphere and Red Hat Virtualization VMs simultaneously and convert between them. Hyperconverged software supplier Maxta has functionality that can migrate virtual machines from VMware ESXi to Red Hat Virtualization and run both …

  1. Flakk

    "...maybe VMware will even cut its prices."

    Sure, and I'll find Carmen Sandiego someday.

    1. Mark 110

      It will if theres an easy out for people to an equally competent platform. This is interesting. Not everyone has the scale of someone like Unilever to be able to manage such migrations.

      Last time I was at Unilever (must be 6/7 years ago now) they were migrating all their VMWare onto Hyper-V and migrating all of their Oracle DB onto DB2. They have a big estate - if the encumbent provider won't negotiate on prioce there are savings for an organisation that big in setting up, templating the migrations and getting on with it.

      Be good if someone came along and made it easy for everyone else.

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