back to article Google Cloud says it's first-to per-second cloud server billing, twice

Google's decided to join AWS in the per-second billing club, point out that it's actually had this constant cloudy ka-ching thing under control since 2013 and offer advice that recommends not using its new billing scheme as your number one cost-cutting tactic. Google Cloud started charging by the second for all of its cloudy …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "clouds don't always cost less than on-prem data centres"

    Clouds almost always cost substantially more than on-premises infrastructure. Unless you're willing to spend a fortune re-architecting your systems to be elastic and transient, cloud will cost. If you have taken advantage of the elasticity then going from per-minute to per-second billing is huge.

  2. Roland6 Silver badge

    Billing CPU Clock cycles?

    I was wondering, how many cpu clock cycles in total (as multiple cpu's are likely to be involved) it takes to record the bill for 1 sec of CPU time. I presume it's significantly less than 1 sec, only don't run it on anything slower than 1Ghz...

  3. returnofthemus

    Is this a feature or a benefit?

    Will this be followed by nanosecond billing and when you login via the portal, I presume they'll be an icon of a stop watch, so that you can accurately watch time elapse as you work, though even better would be a countdown timer.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Is this a feature or a benefit?

      No. Next step is quantum based billing. Where they charge for past, present and future usage in 1 second.

      Seriously though, I think we'll go full circle. 1 year flat rate contracts.

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