back to article Arabian, sorry, Amazon Web Services to land in Bahrain and UAE

Amazon Web Services has announced it will open bit barns in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company says it's done so to give its customers and partners a new place to run code and store data. The Gulf of Arabia, home to both Bahrain and the UAE, is well-served by submarine cables that could offer overland …

  1. Dr Scrum Master


    Keeping the data centre cool should be easy. Just put it next to the ski slope in Dubai.

    1. Lysenko

      Re: Cool

      Cooling just takes power, which isn't much of a problem. The real issue in that locale (in my experience) is dust. You would think that filtration would be equally simple, and the air doesn't obviously appear loaded with particulates, but in the facilities I've seen the mechanical (fans etc) failure rate is off the scale (literally: we had to expand the graph axis in the monitoring system).

  2. herman Silver badge

    It may not be well known, but there is an Israel Embassy in Abu Dhabi UAE:

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