back to article Back-from-the-brink X-IO has a new, bright & shiny all-flash array

X-IO has moved on from its ISE sealed array of disk drives to a 60-slot, hot-swap deduping all-flash array with monitored telemetry and predictive analytics. It is the fourth iteration of its ISE technology and comes in the form of a dual active:active controller 2U rackmount box with 60 drive slots that scale from 9.6TB to …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Math is wrong on Effective Capacity

    If the max RAW capacity is 145TB, one still has to consider sparing and RAID overhead, not to mention extra space for garbage collection unless they want performance to tank.

    If the claimed capacity is from XIO marketing, shame on them.... Hope their engineers are better.

    1. froberts2

      Re: Math is wrong on Effective Capacity

      The article says "implying", which means The Register staff obviously came up with those numbers - but it's not surprising they got them wrong, not like you'd expect Register staff to know anything about data protection or how storage works, right?

  2. Michael Duke

    I sense 3.2TB or 3.84TB SSD's in this box.

  3. Androgynous Cow Herd

    The shambling zombie corpse of Xiotech

    Good Ol' Bill Miller gets out the shovel and unearths X-IO one more time (no one cares or believes the stuff around Axellio) for a new box.

    According to El Reg, Axellio was spun off into a different company last year:

    X-IO has a feature set that pretty much duplicates what the competitive leaders offer, but does it with a whole lot of extremely proprietary components for very little (if any) improvement. A mid tier Nimble array would routinely beat the top X-IO box in bake offs, which means a Pure array would likely do even better.

    If part of the consideration around moving to a new storage platform involve company viability and quality (or even availability) of support, looking at the offerings from Pure Storage and Nimble would be wise - do you think the best engineers stuck with X-IO, or did they all get shuffled over to Axellio while the B players worked on X-IO?

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