back to article SAP flings out one-hub-to-rule-and-crunch all the data. Yes, a hub

Enterprise giant SAP is taking on silos with its latest offering that aims to centralise data processing and governance - but not storage. SAP’s Data Hub, launched on Monday at an event in New York, looks to capitalise on the vast amounts of data companies collect, especially when they are from an increasing variety of sources …

  1. Rob 54

    'McStravick did acknowledge that describing something that does the opposite of bringing data together in one place a hub might be confusing. '


    The SAP marketing bods will rename this several times during its lifecycle

    1. m0rt

      "Speaking at the launch event, SAP CEO Bill McDermott said that complexity would “kill companies fast” - instead they want “simple”, scalable and efficient way to manage their data."

      This sounds like another own goal. If the client wants "Simple" and scalable and efficient, SAP doesn't have a good track record in this regard.

      Another one for the marketing bods...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I believe you can do this although it's going to be murder trying to have connectors to all the weird forms in which data storage happens. Then again, no harder that creating a connector from that storage to those applications with connectors to (possibly) other storage for the results. Possibly an (circular) enterprise data bus on steroids? {Shrug} Have to wait and see on that. This has been a defining problem my whole life. I've lost count of the arcane shims that had to run is "downtime," if there ever was such a thing, that I've written. Good luck SAP, you're gonna need it.

    Note: if they really pull this off, heterogeneous clouds are a non-problem. That's a stretch.

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