back to article Facebook performs successful license surgery on React, GraphQL

Facebook on Tuesday freed its React JavaScript library and its GraphQL query language from its unloved license scheme. As promised last week, React 16 underwent licensing replacement surgery to remove Facebook's controversial BSD + Patents license and replace it with the more welcome MIT license. The operation was deemed …

  1. Lysenko

    Frantic rearguard action against mass VueJS defection.

    It'll probably work with the colonials because Vue/Weex has connections to the dreaded Chicoms (AliBaba use it etc), but for many others Elvis has already left the building. React/JSX[1], like HHVM before it, is a textbook example solving the wrong problem and these license shenanigans continue the trend.

    [1] Aurelia, Vue and Angular all make a better fist of merging HTML with JS and CSS.

  2. Alec - GraphCMS

    A glad decision!

    We are glad that this decision has been made!

    GraphCMS enables you to use this exciting technology and offers you undreamt-of possibilities with GraphQL.

    Random fact: We are the first and only startup based only on GraphQL

    Have you ever looked at it?

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